Five Amigos Bike Trail - Nanoose Bay Loop

Tucked away in a quiet farmland neighbourhood is a trail called Nanoose Bay Loop. With a mix of old and new growth, as well as large clusters of trees, the loop made for an interesting variety of scenery.

The first part of the hike reminded me of the Hundred Acre Wood with its plush, mossy ground and the towering tree we found.

My mom took me on this hike a couple weeks ago. The weather was beautiful that day, with lots of sun shining through the trees. We lucked out with the weather that day, as Vancouver Island weather has been all over the place lately. There were a few small patches of snow on the trail, but besides that, it was nice and warm.

Going further into the loop, we found a bike trail called Five Amigos. The name comes from the cluster of Arbutus trees that stand just off the side of the trail. As you can see from the second picture below, they were huge!

(Please appreciate my parents' photogenic dog, Jackson)

Further down the path, the trees grew sparsely, making the forest feel wide open.

The loop is about 4.4 km according to Alltrails. The direction we walked took about 45 minutes to walk through. It is a fairly easy path, although I did stub my toes a couple of times - so beware of the roots.

Because of the length and the ease of the hike, you don’t need to pack anything extra. Wear sensible shoes and dress for the weather, and you will be fine.

The last part of the trail changed scenery a bit. The forest became more dense and the trail a bit narrower. We then ended up on a logging trail for the last little bit before returning to the forest, and back to the parking lot.

Thanks for reading! Have you been to the Nanoose Bay Loop? Did you find the Five Amigos biking trail? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I've learned a couple new facts on that big fir tree at the beginning of our walk. It's called a Wolf Fir. And there is an abandoned homestead somewhere close by, which would explain the orchard. Such a beautiful spot.

    1. Thank you for sharing! I will have to do some more exploring in that area.


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