Vegan Frozen Yogurt

TItle: Vegan Frozen Yogurt

Today I am going to share a super easy, healthy dessert: Vegan Frozen Yogurt.  This recipe tastes just like how I remember regular frozen yogurt to taste, but there is no dairy in it.  Yay!!  All you need to make this froyo is a blender and three ingredients.  It is seriously SO easy.

Frozen strawberries, vegan yogurt, and oat milk in a blender

You can choose any kind of frozen yogurt you want to add; I chose strawberries to make it Valentine’s themed.  This would make a cute Valentine’s Day dessert or breakfast, if you celebrate Valentine’s Day.  If you don’t, make it for yourself and/or a loved one.

Two bowls of strawberry frozen yogurt, topped with chocolate chunks

Vegan Frozen Yogurt

Prep time: 10 minutes

Serving size: 2


2 cups frozen fruit

½ cup vegan yogurt (I used Riviera’s vanilla flavour)

¼ cup oat milk, or non-dairy milk of choice

The Process

  1. Put the ingredients into a blender

  2. Blend

  3. Scoop the froyo into two bowls and top with chocolate chunks, fresh or dried fruit, coconut flakes, or anything else you want!

Let me know if you try this recipe in the comments below. Thanks for reading!