Creamy Pumpkin Curry Soup

Recipe Title:  Creamy Pumpkin Curry Soup

What I love about this Creamy Pumpkin Curry Soup is that it is savoury, had tons of flavour, and is packed with vegetables.  This soup can be made in under an hour and is really simply to make.  Be sure to pair it with freshly baked biscuits (my go-to recipe).

Vegan Pumpkin Curry Soup with Biscuits

I think pumpkin season might be over now; however, it’s made with canned pumpkin, so you can make this anytime.  Pumpkin is good for you because it is high in vitamin A, so you really should probably eat this soup all year round!

When I make creamy soups I usually use coconut cream, which is great for making things creamy, but sometimes you don’t want the coconut-y taste.  I started doing some research to see what I could use instead of coconut cream, and that’s when I discovered you can make cashew cream (and it’s surprisingly easy!).  I used this recipe, and the ratio was 1:1.  

Vegan pumpkin curry soup in a pot

Vegan pumpkin curry soup topped with cashew cream

Creamy Pumpkin Curry Soup

Prep time:  15 minutes

Cook time:  40 minutes

Makes about 4 servings


1 small onion, or half large onion, chopped

1 clove garlic, chopped finely

1 carrot

4 mushrooms

2 cups kale, spinach, or broccoli, chopped

Small chunk of ginger, grated (approximately 1 TBSP)

1 398 ml can pumpkin puree

1.5 cups veggie broth (or a mix of veggie broth and water)

1 cup cashew cream

Olive oil (for cooking)


½ - 1 TBSP curry powder (I used a curry powder blend, so I used a bit more)

¼ tsp ground coriander

¼ tsp turmeric

Sprinkle ground pepper

Salt to taste

The Process

  1. Cook the onions with a pinch of salt for about five minutes, stirring frequently to prevent burning

  2. Add the mushrooms and carrots, and cook for another five minutes, stirring frequently

  3. Add kale (or spinach or broccoli), garlic, and ginger.  Cook for five minutes, stirring frequently

  4. Add the rest of the ingredients, including the spices, and cook for 25 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Add salt as needed


  1. If you don’t have cashews, you can substitute coconut milk

  2. I added a sprinkle of sugar to the soup, but this is completely optional

I hope you like this recipe! If you try making it, let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading!