What I Ate Today: October 7, 2020

One of the most commonly asked questions I get as a vegan is:  “What do you eat?”  I never know exactly how to answer this because I eat a wide variety of food every day.  A lot of the food I eat is the same as what non-vegans eat - pasta, stir fry, burritos, etc. - but of course there are some changes I make to make it vegan friendly.  

I decided it might be fun to do blog posts on what I eat in a day, on random days.  The main goal of these posts is to be realistic.  Some days I eat simple, healthy foods, while other days I eat all the vegan junk food.  Like most people, what I eat changes day by day.  Hopefully these posts will answer your question of what a vegan eats, and inspire you to try some of it!


Almost every morning I start the day with a cup of coffee with oat milk, and peanut butter and jam toast.  I don’t have much of an appetite in the mornings, so I keep it really simple.


This lunch was leftovers from dinner the night before.  I had a wrap with Spread’em tzatziki (which is really good by the way), veggie sausage, onions, garlic, and falafels.  On the side I had a greek salad and homemade fries.  The greek salad was cucumber, tomatoes, onions, and Kalamata olives, topped with rosemary, thyme, salt, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil.

Falafel wrap with vegan sausage and onions, greek salad, and homemade fries on a plate


A couple hours later I had Riviera coconut yogurt with a spoonful of this omega supplement I started taking.  Oh, and of course I topped it with a few chocolate chips.

Cup of Riviera coconut yogurt topped with chocolate chips

Flora omega 3-6-9 and DHA liquid supplement


For dinner I made a vegetable soup from scratch and it was so good.  So good that I think I will turn it into its own blog post.  It was hearty, savoury, and the perfect amount of spicy.  Then on the side, I had a grilled cheese sandwich and made it fancy by adding tzatziki, Tofurky slices, and spinach.

A bowl of hearty vegetable soup and a vegan grilled cheese sandwich with tzatziki, spinach, and Tofurkey slices


For dessert, I had a blueberry muffin and a small bowl of Riviera yogurt with frozen blueberries.  After prepping my dessert, I realized it wasn’t the prettiest looking thing, but it still tasted good and I’m trying to be realistic.

Vegan blueberry muffin and a bowl of Riviera yogurt with frozen blueberries


I try to take a multivitamin everyday, but it ends up being every other day.  This is the vitamin I take:

Prairie Naturals vegan multivitamin

And that’s it!  I hope this post was helpful if you are looking for vegan meal ideas, or were just curious about what a vegan might eat in a day.  Thanks for reading!