Five Low-Waste Tips

zero waste tips

I am a big fan of learning new ways to be more environmentally friendly, and I’m constantly looking for ways to reuse what I have.  When I buy food or beauty products, I like to choose packaging that can be used again and again.  Going completely zero waste can seem like an impossible goal to reach, so I decided to put together a list of ‘low waste’ tips that anyone can do! 

I’m calling these tips low waste because a few of them involve plastic.  Of course it is ideal to avoid buying food and other products contained in plastic, but it’s sometimes unavoidable.  These tips are to help inspire you to look at the products you have already purchased in a different way and move a few steps closer to a zero waste lifestyle.

Here are my five low-waste tips:

1. Reuse Freezer Bags

Reusable freezer bags

A lot of frozen food comes in well-made resealable bags.  I always hated throwing them out because these bags are so strong and will take forever to break down.  Then I realized – why not reuse the bags to replace Ziploc bags?  They are sturdy enough to last a long time, and you can save a bit of money. 

2. Reuse Containers and Jars

Reusable containers

Similar to freezer bags, food and beauty products often come in jars and plastic containers that are completely reusable.  I always have a stash of containers in my cupboard.  If you have seen my body butter recipe, you will notice that I used an old deodorant container to store it in.  We also use jars as drinking glasses and for storing bulk items.  Spray bottles can be reused for DIY hair spray or cleaning products.  Before recycling or throwing away a container or jar, try repurposing it.

3. A Spot for Hair Accessories (plus DIY toner/make-up pads)

Hair ties and bobby pins

Designate a spot for your hair accessories.  This may seem like an obvious tip to some, but if you are like me and lose bobby pins and hair ties constantly, it can be handy!  It’s a hassle having to go out and buy new hair ties every time you lose them, plus it is wasteful.  Once I dedicated a spot to put my hair accessories in, I never lost them again.

DIY toner pads

Bonus tip: I also use this bowl to store my DIY toner/makeup remover pads.  To make your own makeup remover pads, simply cut up an old towel or face cloth into small squares, and you’re good to go!

4. Takeout Containers and Cutlery

Takeout container and cutlery

Some takeout containers are resealable, which means you can keep using them!  Containers like the one shown above are great for storing food.  Plastic cutlery can also be reused over and over again.

5. Foldable Shopping Bag

Foldable shopping bag with clip

Foldable shopping bag with clip

If you constantly forget your reusable shopping bags at home, look for a shopping bag with a clip on it, or one that folds up to be super compact.  I like my Chico bag because I can clip it right onto my purse.  That way I will always have at least one shopping bag on me.  Whenever I forget my shopping bags, my rule is to not buy more than I can carry (or awkwardly carry way too much at a time).

That's it for my short list of low-waste tips!  I hope to make a few more of these guides as I continue learning new tips and tricks.  What are your favourite low-waste tips?


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